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This is a family tribute to a father who has inspired his children to believe in honesty, equality and justice for all.
Arop Yor Ayik (1935-1999)was a South Sudanese academic and politician. He was born in Palo, Doleib Hill, Upper Nile State in South Sudan. He was survived by six children, two sons and four daughters. He always believed in the importance of education and equal opportunities for all regardless of gender,ethnic origin or ability and taught his children the motto "Education is an Investment”.
Arop Yor Ayik Educational CIC (AYAE) is a Community Interest Company (Non-Profit), with no shares, registered in the United Kingdom. AYAE specializes in promoting the advancement of education and learning opportunities for people in South Sudan and beyond due to displacement and poverty.

The situation in the Republic of South Sudan has worsened since its independence from the Republic of Sudan in 2011. As a result of power struggle between the politicians the war erupted and plunged South Sudan into crisis in 2013 sending millions of people to flee from their home into the neighbouring countries. Nowadays there are millions of South Sudanese refugee camps in South Sudan, Uganda , Sudan, Kenya, Ethiopia and all over the world. The AYAE will focus its support to assist the refugees and displaced in the following countries, South Sudan, Uganda and Sudan at first and will expand to other countries as the funds become available.

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